Back in 1999 in Seoul,
private aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics were considered to provide the best-in-class skincare and were sought after by highly discerning clientele.
It was then that AHC started as a professional skincare line catering to this selective market.
By caring for these customers ourselves, we honed the expertise necessary to create highly effective, aesthetics-based skincare solutions.
Enthusiastic reviews of our innovative skincare line spread widely through word of mouth, and many customers began requesting that it be more readily available.

Top quality, yet affordable and easy-to-use products for the larger public was created, and today it is loved by many customers all over the world. As AHC aesthetics-based skincare knowhow advances, this beautiful word of mouth continues to spread, as well.

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AHC Real Active Oil
Rp1.755.000 Rp614.250

AHC Brilliant Gold Skin Care Set
Rp3.603.600 Rp1.261.260

AHC Black Eye Mask (5pcs)
Rp224.250 Rp156.975

AHC Hydra B5 Soothing Mist
Rp228.800 Rp148.720

AHC Hydra B5 Toner
Rp543.400 Rp326.040

AHC Hydra B5 Sleeping Pack
Rp500.500 Rp300.300



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