Dear, Klairs is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and eco-friendly skincare brand from South Korea. We focus on developing functional products meant for sensitive skin.

Simple but enough: The condition of your skin will always change depending on the weather and the body’s condition. Protect your skin with Dear, Klairs’ simple lineup that provides everything from cleansing and moisture to calming and soothing.

Basic but ultimate: We take the time, no matter how long, to create the best simple products. Dear, Klairs is effective even without the addition of special, unique ingredients. Just by using our products every day, your skin will slowly get healthier.

Mild but powerful: Since 2010, Dear, Klairs has been researching different ingredients and raw materials for the best skincare for sensitive skin. Our products not only improve the skin’s elasticity, but also quickly soothes irritated skin for ultimately healthier and stronger skin.

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