As a Korean, I spent my childhood in Indonesia, and it had a big impact on my mind, personality and values, and naturally became a meaningful part of my life.

I loved the green vast nature of Indonesia, the people with a positive mind and a smile, and a diverse and profound culture, and it finally brought me back to here again with a huge longing for Indonesia.

Now I’m going to do something that can have a good influence on all my new friends in Indonesia where I like and have been influenced.

I believe it is my job to deliver the deep wisdom about true value of beauty and happiness from Korea culture and lifestyle if it can help all of my friends to be happier than yesterday, and here’s the first step for it, this shopping space, BolehShop.

We regularly scour the Korean beauty and lifestyle market, consult industry experts, and look for the best solutions for beauty and healthy life.

I hope you can enjoy the selection we’ve curated and feel the true value of beauty and happiness in your daily life.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Esther Jang

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