Mugener Ampule Mask (20pcs)

MD’s Recommendation:

Soothing Hydration Mask
This mask contains active ingredient called glycosaminoglycan extracted from nature to intensively provide calming and moisturizing effect to make a healthy skin condition.

Rp750,000 Rp337,500

SKU: 2-01-0010-0003

Maintains moist and fresh skin for a long time with mucin(glycosaminoglycans) from snail slime.
Clear skin with natural protector(fermented soybean, willow, cypress).
Healthy skin care with CNP Anti-Irritant Complex from pomegranate, fig, lemon balm.

Weight/volume : 662g/20pcs


How to use:

1. Pull out ampoule mask and place evenly onto face.

2. Let it absorb for 10~20 minutes.

5. Pat excessive essence for absorption.


Niacinamide, Adenosine, Punica granatum Extract, Ficus Carica Extract, Lemon Extract, etc.


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