Return Policy




We always try to maintain the quality of product in order to provide the best for you. BolehShop always do Quality Control before shipping the product, by doing:

  • Check the condition of the seal, if there is one
  • Check the tightness of the packaging lid
  • Check the expiration date

If there is a defect/damage of the product before shipping, the product will not be deliver and you will receive a notification from us regarding this matter.



BolehShop only accepts product return and exchange for the following conditions:

  • Products received are different from the products ordered
  • The product received in a badly damaged condition which causes the product to no longer be suitable for use, such as broken bottles or products leaking more than 30%*

BolehShop DO NOT accept product return and exchange returns for the following conditions:

  • Customers do not like or do not match with the product
  • Renewal product packaging/product upgrades, differences in contents/sizes/bonuses from the Manufacturer
  • Shipping box/packaging bag is received in dented/torn/wet conditions caused by the negligence of the shipping courier, but the item is still good condition. The meaning by ‘good conditions’ is one or more of the following conditions:
  1. The bottle is still in good condition, unopened, the bottle cap is still properly attached
  2. The plastic or hygiene seal is not torn or broken
  3. The packaging is leaking even though the cap/seal is still attached, but the product content is still more than 70%*


  1. The product is in the condition as it was received, the seal has not been opened (if any), unopened, and has not been used, and returned with the wrapping and original packaging
  2. Products purchased as part of a set or multi-item package must be returned in a set condition
  3. Product return and exchange requests must be accepted by BolehShop MAXIMUM 2 days (48 hours) after the package is received by the customer (based on package information from the online courier report system)
  4. Customers must send photos of products that they wish to return and exchange to BolehShop. Photos must show the condition of the product clearly; photos can be uploaded on the “My Account” page
  5. We will process the return request and exchange after the photo is received by BolehShop. The estimated product exchange process is a maximum of 3 x 24 hours (excluding Korean and Indonesian holidays), not including shipping time, after photos and requests are received by BolehShop
  6. We will check the product conditions that will be return and exchange, if there are requirements that are not fulfilled, BolehShop have the right to reject request of return and exchange product.
  7. If the relevant product is empty, then the customer’s money will be returned 100% according to the nominal invoice
  8. BolehShop will not cover the shipping costs of the returned products, but will cover the shipping costs of the exchange products

To speed up the process of return and exchange products, please kindly send photos of the products and ORDER ID to our Customer Service via WhatsApps no: 0811 849 2200 (recommended) or

We will be happy to help and inform you about the solution for return and exchange products.