Be happy, be you!

We are leading company in lifestyle and culture
that helps our customers realize their natural beauty and happiness.
We strive to serve our consumers with values that are ‘Beautiful and Happy’
and dedicated ourselves to become a vital part of customers’ daily lives.

Our Philosophy

Nothing is more beautiful and healthy than the nature in which we were born.
And we believe that we all have our own beauty and health that resembles the nature.

This is our philosophy of beauty and health.

The value that we seek is to keep our customers’ natural beauty and to lead a happy and healthy life in harmony with nature.

We focused on the deep wisdom of Asia, especially Korea, about nature and human.

Korean learns the true logic of beauty from the providence of nature and look for beauty and health in the life that nature has raised,

and do not neglect any of body and mind, inner and outer sides.

Today we try to study and spread the beauty that comes from nature and the healthy, happy lifestyle harmonized with nature.

Our Way

Our journey continues until every customer is beautiful and happy.

The way we should walk is to realize our eternal dream of living a beautiful and happy life.

We exists here to create “a more beautiful world” through our beauty and lifestyle solutions.

We provide the best shopping value in our shopping space through specialized product merchandising,

and differentiated services in order to readily meet Indonesian customer demands.

The way we’re going is not easy, but we think our true heart can reach out to you, and we hope you’ll be able to accompany us on that journey.

Our Vision

Indonesia #1

Beauty and Lifestyle playground!

Our Misson


Competitive and differentiated selection,

pleasant shopping space and value,

and beautiful and healthy lifestyle